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Why Website Loading Speed Matters?

Google PageSpeed Insights

Professional Website Loading Speed and Performance Optimization Services with Google's Recommendation

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Why Is Website Loading Speed Important?

Visitors love the fast loaded websites, and Google rewards the optimized speedy sites with a better position in the search engines.

If the web page is loaded slowly most likely the user will leave it and click on a competitor's page.

These days, more than 60% of users browse the Internet from their mobile phone, which is much slower than the desktops, so the website loading speed has become even more important.

Benefits of Fast Websites

The "fast loaded" websites visitor numbers are growing and the slower sites will be closed by 70%-80% of the visitors even before the web page is loaded.

Websites optimized according to Google's recommendations are getting better results in the search engines and the slower sites are losing their positions faster.

An increase in the attendance rate of an optimized and fast loaded website may already be visible in the first few weeks, resulting in more buyers.

How can I Check the Loading Speed of My Website?

To measure the website loading speed, we recommend the free Google Page Speed Insights developed by Google which provides clear information about the speed of our website and what we should do to achieve better results.

If the results from Google Page Speed Insights as a mobile and desktop are not in the green box then our website needs to be optimized.

If it's in the green box then our website is optimized properly and there is nothing to do.

Website Performance and Loading Speed Optimization Services

We can help you to reach the maximum Google Page Speed score on your website as we did on our website.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Need for Website Speed Optimization Service

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We will analyze your website for free and return you a detailed list of suggested tasks included with the approximate cost.

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